[PL-sem-jr] Summer 2006 planning meeting

David Van Horn dvanhorn at cs.brandeis.edu
Tue Jun 6 12:30:38 EDT 2006

Hello Richard and PL Jr folks,

Matthew Goldfield and I would be interested in attending and presenting at
the PL Jr seminars, that is, if its' open to non-NEU students.  We
would've attended today's planning meeting but our adviser is rumored to
be back after a long hiatus so we're hoping to meet with him today.  As
for the rest of the summer, our schedules are flexible-- any day and time
that works for the rest of the group would be fine with us (we'd prefer 
mid-week, but it's only a preference).

We'd be happy to present talks based on any of the following papers:

  - A Concrete Framework for Environment Machines, Malgorzata Biernacka 
    and Olivier Danvy
  - Types and Trace Effects of Higher Order Programs, Christian Skalka, 
    Scott Smith and David Van Horn
  - Linear Lambda Calculus and Polynomial time, Harry Mairson
  - Sharing continuations: proofnets for languages with explicit control, 
    Julia Lawall and Harry Mairson
  - From Hilbert spaces to Dilbert spaces: context semantics made simple, 
    Harry Mairson
  - Linear Logic: Its Syntax and Semantics, Jean-Yves Girard
  - From Proof Nets to Interaction Nets, Yves Lafont
  - BC-: Recursion-Theoretic Characterization of LOGSPACE, Peter Neergaard


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