[PL-sem-jr] Summer 2006 Schedule

Richard Cobbe cobbe at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Jun 8 12:10:02 EDT 2006

For Summer 2006, we will meet on Tuesday afternoons from 1-3pm.  I'll
announce the specific location once the room reservation request goes

For our new members, there is a wiki page devoted to this seminar at
<https://gradwiki.ccs.neu.edu/index.cgi?PlSeminarJr>; all of the
information from this email message is also available there.

Finally, here is the schedule of talks:

    * June 13:   open
    * June 20:   Felix Klock: zippers
    * June 27:   Carl Eastlund: FRP
    * July 4:    holiday; no meeting
    * July 11:   open
    * July 18:   Matt Might: abstract interpretation and other static
                   analysis techniques
    * July 25:   Sam Tobin-Hochstadt: nominal abstract syntax and nominal logic
    * August 1:  Ryan Culpepper: the PLT Unit System: Theory and Practice
    * August 8:  open
    * August 15: open
    * August 22: Ryan Culpepper & Richard Cobbe: semantics for OO languages
    * August 29: Theo Skotiniotis: GADTs & polytypic programming 

This may change as talks are postponed, cancelled, or added; I'll update
the wiki page and post announcements to this mailing list when that


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