[csu540-f05-rpf] You should plan to attend the RALPH student presentations 11/10

Robert Futrelle futrelle at ccs.neu.edu
Wed Nov 9 15:11:40 EST 2005

108 WVH is the room number, I am told.

   -- RPF

>You should plan to attend the RALPH undergraduate student 
>presentations about research, Thursday, November 10th, from 3-4:30.
>Sorry, but I can't find the room number. There are posters all over 
>the College that presumably have the room number.
>I've had many undergraduates doing research over the years, 
>including presenting posters and papers at meetings, getting awards, 
>and also, quite importantly, helping them get the background needed 
>to get into a good graduate school.
>Also, doing research with a professor allows the professor to write 
>more knowledgeable letters of recommendation for jobs and graduate 
>Research is educational, fun, and different from just taking courses.
>  --   Professor Futrelle
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