[Linux-users] Solaris /arch/ paths, .xsession questions

Marc Reichman linux-users at lists.ccs.neu.edu
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 20:26:12 -0500

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 08:17:55PM -0500, Jeremy J. Olson wrote:
> Are you planning to mirror the paths the Solaris machines use on the Linux
> boxes? (/arch/unix/bin, /arch/gnu/bin, etc.) I have numerous scripts that
> expect Perl and Bash to be in these places, and I can't keep two copies of all
> the scripts to deal with "normal" paths and the Solaris ones.

eventually we're getting /arch space for the linux project. it's probably
a good idea to start checking uname's in your scripts before calling programs.

> If you're keeping everything in /usr/local, you might just want to create some
> symlinks matching the Solaris paths that all point to /usr/local.
> I also noticed that the machines are loading up Gnome without paying attention
> to my .xsession file. I would have expected them to spit out errors and log
> something to my x logfile because the .xsession tries to load up Blackbox, but
> it didn't even do that, so I assume it's not reading the file at all.

the .xsession files are most certainly called. gnome is the default if there's
failure in the wmsh system in ccs.

if blackbox is something you'd like installed, please let the list know
so we can install them.

Thanks for the input!

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