[Larceny-users] Update of libraries and syntax-case available

AndrevanTonder andre at het.brown.edu
Tue Jul 31 11:53:38 EDT 2007

A new version that incorporates Will Clinger's update for v0.94
is now available:

    R6RS Libraries and Syntax-case macros:  Version 5.97.2

that can be found at:


Changes since 5.97.1:

- Immutability checks now work as described in the r5.97rs
- Added library (rnrs eval reflection (6)) for reflection facilities:
   (environment-bindings <environment>) lists the bindings in an environment.
   Very useful for development and debugging of libraries.
- replaced implementation of QUASIQUOTE with optimised Dybvig version.
- an unbound identifier at toplevel will now match unbound
   literal in library.
- improved some error messages to state source libraries of bindings
- Larceny compat updated to v0.94
- corrected free occurrence of FIRST in ex:unify-imports that prevented
   an error message
- removed caching of imported macros
- added missing version (6) to library (rnrs mutable-strings)
- only, except, prefix, and rename now correctly enforce the constraints
   stated in the r6rs draft.


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