[scponly] how do I use rsync with scponly ?

Ensel Sharon user at dhp.com
Tue Mar 21 04:28:06 EST 2006

I really am at a loss.  I have been using scponly successfully for quite
some time, and just by coincidence have not used rsync with it.

I am configured with:

./configure --enable-winscp-compat --enable-unison-compat
--enable-scp-compat --enable-rsync-compat --enable-chrooted-binary
--enable-gftp-compat --enable-chrooted-passwd-compat

and I successfully use scp with command lines like:

scp /some/file username at hostname:/username


I attempt:

rsync -avz -e ssh /some/file user at host:/user

and I get this error:

rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [sender]
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(365)

On the server side, in debug, I see:

processing request: "rsync --server -vlogDtprz . /user"
option e is not permitted for use with /usr/local/bin/rsync (arg was
rver)(username: user(user), IP/port: 61159 22))
requested command (/usr/local/bin/rsync --server -vlogDtprz . /user) tried
to use disallowed argument (username: user(user), IP/port:
61159 22))

What am I doing wrong ?  How can I use rsync with scponly if I can't do it
over ssh ?

I'm sorry - I feel like I have seen this before, but I could not find a
solution on the site or in the archives.


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