[scponly] scponly port upgrade

Gaby Vanhegan gaby at vanhegan.net
Mon Dec 6 09:54:03 EST 2004

Following the advisory for scponly:


I have updated the ports on my site to version 4.0 of scponly:


Changes include tha ability to 'upgrade' accounts.  If you try use the 
setup_chroot.sh script on an existing user account, it will ask if you 
want to proceed, then will create the required folders, chown them and 
copy the needed libs and binaries in.  This should also function as an 
account converter, to change people to an scponly account.  On top of 
this, it should ensure that all the needed libraries for this version of 
scponly are installed.

If I've cocked something up, please let me know so's I can try and fix 
quickly... :)


Ha! Ha! Ha!  Dislocation...
- Phil Ken Sebben

gaby at vanhegan.net

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