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Using static analysis for software defect detection
Speaker: William Pugh
Speaker Affiliation: University of Maryland
Host: Michael Ernst
Host Affiliation: MIT-CSAIL

Date: 9-13-2006
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Refreshments: 3:45 PM
Location: Gates- 7th Floor  (Lounge)


I'll talk about some of my experience in using and expanding static analysis
tools for defect detection. The FindBugs tool developed at the Univ. of
Maryland is now being widely used (more than 250,000
downloads). We have found that even production quality open source and
commercial software contain blatant errors that can easily be found by
simple analysis techniques. I'll give an overview of FindBugs, show some of
the kinds of errors we routinely find in production code and the analysis
techniques we use to find them, discuss the methodology we use for enhancing
and expanding FindBugs and my experience working with companies trying to
incorporate FindBugs into their software development process.

I'll also talk briefly about Marmoset, an innovative system developed at the
University of Maryland for automating the testing of student programming
projects and providing increased feedback to both students and instructors
while students are working on their projects. In addition to the benefits we
believe Marmoset provides to the learning experience, Marmoset is also
providing a rich dataset of information that we are using to improve
software defect detection tools and understand how students learn to

William Pugh received a B.S. in Computer Science from Syracuse University
and received a Ph.D. in Computer Science (with in minor in Acting) from
Cornell University. He is currently a professor at the University of
Maryland, College Park.

He has also made research contributions in the fields of incremental
computation, implementation of functional and object-oriented languages, the
use of partial evaluation for hard real-time systems, in techniques for
analyzing and transforming scientific codes for execution on supercomputers,
and in a number of issues related to the Java programming language,
including the development of JSR 133 - Java Memory Model and Thread
Specification Revision.

Prof Pugh's current research focus is on developing tools to improve
software productivity, reliability and education. Current research projects
include FindBugs, a static analysis tool for Java, and Marmoset, an
innovative framework for improving the learning and feedback cycle for
student programming projects.
program committees of many international conferences as Infocom, PAM, WONS,
ASWN and Globecom. His main research interests are congestion and error
control in computer networks, the TCP protocol, voice over IP, wireless
LANs, Internet measurement and traffic analysis, and performance evaluation
of communication protocols.

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