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That's Kalweit, not Kalwait (sorry, Rachel!)


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Friday, September 8
NU PRL Seminar Day
Raytheon Ampitheatre


08:45   Andrew D. Gordon (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
        Provable Implementations of Security Protocols

10:00   Hans Boehm (HP Labs)
        Towards a Memory Model for C++

11:15   Dan Grossman (University of Washington, Seattle)
        The Why, What, and How of Software Transactions for More
        Reliable Concurrency

12:15 LUNCH

The College of Computer Science will provide lunch for registered participants.

01:30   Carolyn Talcott (SRI International)
        Pathway Logic: Application of Formal Modeling Techniques to
        Understanding Biological Signaling Processes

03:00   Scott Smith (Johns Hopkins University)
        A Microkernel Virtual Machine: Building Security with Clear Interfaces


    Please register via email with Rachel Kalwait
    (rachelb at ccs.neu.edu) by September 6.


    The seminar will take place in the Raytheon Theater of Egan Hall,
    located next to Ruggles Station on the ORANGE and Commuter Lines
    and about a long block from the Northeastern University stop on
    the GREEN E Line. Look for building 60 on the campus map

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