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Subject: NEPLS at Portland
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The next New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium will
take place on October 6 (Friday), 2006.  Please mark it in your calendars!

The meeting will be held at the University of Southern Maine in
Portland. This meeting will have two invited speakers:

Wolfram Schulte from Microsoft Research and
Ras Bodik from the University of  California at Berkeley.

The NEPLS web site will contain all the usual information as soon as it
 is available. In adition, there is a web site for the Portland
 meeting already available:


This web site contains a lot of information about the venue of the
meeting, Portland attractions in particular. Please consult it when
making your decision to attend.

The speaker selection committee solicits talks for this meeting.  To
propose yourself or someone else, send a title, list of authors, and
1-3 paragraph abstract.  (Optionally, you may provide other brief
information that may help the speaker selection committee assess the
proposal.)  We particularly invite talks by researchers from outside
the area who are visiting on the date of the NEPLS meeting.

Talks can vary in length.  Speakers may request slots of [to be
decided by Speaker Selection Committee -- anywhere from 5 to 60
minutes]; we encourage the shorter formats.  This variety permits the
presentation of smaller results, preliminary work, progress reports on
ongoing projects (such as language standards and compiler toolkits),
and updates to past presentations.  In general, NEPLS talks need not
sound like conference presentations.

Send your proposal to talks at nepls.org.  (Replying to this message will
work in most cases, but some mailing lists masquerade as your
correspondents -- please check before responding.)

More details about NEPLS are available on the NEPLS webpage:


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