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Mitchell Wand wand at ccs.neu.edu
Sat Feb 11 16:15:11 EST 2006

Talk will be Wed 2/15, in the usual place (366 WVH), but at 1230.  (Sorry
for the informal message, but I'm out of town at the moment...)


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From: Christian Stefansen <cstef at diku.dk>
Date: Feb 10, 2006 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: Your talk at Yale
To: Mitchell Wand <wand at ccs.neu.edu>

Dear Mitch,

Next Wednesday (Feb. 15th) sounds good.  Let's say 12:30 or later just
to be on the safe side.  (The Amtrak hits South Station at 11:02.)

Below are the details.



Speaker:        Christian Stefansen, Ph.D. student
                University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Website:        http://www.stefansen.dk


This talk sketches some recent research toward a declarative
process-based framework for ERP systems. In particular, the talk
describes the following two areas:

1. A declarative language for compositional specification of commercial
contracts governing the exchange of economic resources. The language
extends Eber and Peyton Jones's declarative language for specifying
financial contracts to the exchange of money, goods and services amongst
multiple parties, and it complements McCarthy's Resources, Events and
Agents (REA) accounting model with a view-independent formal contract
model that supports definition of user-defined contracts, automatic
monitoring under execution, and user-definable analysis of their state
before, during and after execution.

2. A pi-calculus encoding of common workflow control patterns, which
leads to a pi-calculus-based macro language for workflow specification.
The encodings presented here demonstrate some of the strengths and
weaknesses of pi-calculus for business process formalization vis a vis
Petri nets and concrete languages such as BPEL and YAWL.

This is work in progress.

Mitchell Wand wrote:
> Hi Christian-- did you get this message?  Pls send title and abstract if
> you want to visit on Wednesday.
> I'll be mostly offline til Monday; will confirm then.
> --Mitch
> On 2/7/06, *Mitchell Wand* <wand at ccs.neu.edu <mailto:wand at ccs.neu.edu>>
> wrote:
>     Oh dear-- you didn't say when you were leaving, so I assumed that
>     there was no rush.  Yes, let's definitely do it next Wed 2/15 if
>     that's possible.  We might also be able to do it on Mon 2/13 at 2pm
>     or later in the afternoon if Wed 2/15 doesn't work.
>     Sorry for the confusion.
>     --Mitch
>     On 2/7/06, *Christian Stefansen* < cstef at diku.dk
>     <mailto:cstef at diku.dk>> wrote:
>         Dear Mitch,
>         I am assuming I will not be talking tomorrow since I haven't
>         heard from
>         you.  If you are still interested, next Wednesday /might/ be a
>         possibility since I am considering staying until next Thursday.
>         Best regards,
>         Christian
>         Christian Stefansen wrote:
>>  Dear Mitch,
>>  I would love to come give a talk at Northeastern and talk with the
>>  poeple on your department about some research directions.
>>  The Amtrak from New Haven arrives at 11:02 at South Station,
>         so maybe it
>>  would be more prudent to aim for 12:00-12:15 if possible.
>>  Feel free to give me a call on my cell phone (203) 435-1564 to
>         arrange
>>  the details, or I can call you if you prefer.
>>  Best,
>>  Christian
>>  Mitchell Wand wrote:
>> > Dear Christian,
>> >
>> > I just read on LtU about your talk at Yale.  This sounded
>> > fascinating.  How long will you be in the US?
>> > I would love to have you come up to Boston and give a talk at our
>> > Programming Languages seminar.  Our usual seminar time is 1145 on
>> > Wednesday, but we could be flexible if need be.
>> >
>> > --Mitch Wand
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