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[ CALL FOR PARTICIPATION REMINDER: Early Registration: * August 15 * ]


                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
           The 9th International Static Analysis Symposium
                            Madrid, Spain
                        17 - 20 September 2002

             On-line Registration and Hotel Reservations:
           Early registration date is ** August 15, 2002 **
  SAS'02 is Organized by: 
  Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Madrid


The Ninth International Static Analysis Symposium (SAS'02) will be
held at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), co-located with
Logic-based Program Development and Transformation (LOPSTR'02), the
APPIA-GULP-PRODE Joint Conference on Declarative Programming (AGP'02),
and a number of workshops.

Static Analysis is increasingly recognized as a fundamental tool for
high performance implementations and verification systems of
high-level programming languages.  The series of Static Analysis
Symposia has served as the primary venue for presentation of
theoretical, practical, and application advances in the area.

Invited Talks include:

   Static Program Analysis via 3-Valued Logic
        Thomas Reps, University of Wisconsin
   Open Modeling in Multi-stakeholder Distributed Systems: 
   Research and Tool Challenges
        Robert J. Hall, AT&T Labs Research
   An Algebraic Approach to the Static Analysis of Concurrent Software
        Javier Esparza, University of Edinburgh

Accepted papers:

Static Analysis of the Numerical Stability of Loops 
  Martel Matthieu

Modular Control Flow Analysis for Libraries 
  Christian Probst

On termination of programs with real numbers computations
  Alexander Serebrenik and Danny De Schreye

Polynomial Constants are Decidable 
  Markus Müller-Olm and Helmut Seidl

Normalizable Horn clauses,  Strongly Recognizable Relations and Spi
  Flemming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson, and Helmut Seidl

Detecting Optimal Termination Conditions of Logic  Programs 
  Fred Mesnard, Etienne Payet, and Ulrich Neumerkel

Representing and approximating transfer functions in Abstract
      Interpretation of hetereogeneous datatypes 
  Bertrand Jeannet 

Improving the Precision of Equality-Based Dataflow Analyses 
  Erik Ruf

>From Secrecy to Authenticity in Security Protocols 
  Bruno Blanchet

Checking Safety Properties of Behavioral VHDL Descriptions by Abstract
  Charles Hymans

Refinement of LTL Formulas for Abstract Model Checking 
  Maria del Mar Gallardo, Pedro Merino, and Ernesto Pimentel

Making Abstract Model Checking Strongly Preserving 
  Francesco Ranzato and Francesco Tapparo

Static Confidentiality Enforcement for Distributed Programs 
  Andrei Sabelfeld and Heiko Mantel

More Precise Yet Efficient Type Inference for Logic Programs
  Claudio Vaucheret and Francisco Bueno

A Few Graph-Based Relational Numerical Abstract Domains 
  Antoine Mine'

Pipeline Modeling for Timing Analysis 
  Marc Langenbach, Stephan Thesing, and Reinhold Heckmann

Compactly Representing First-Order Structures for Static Analysis
  R. Manevich, G.Ramalingam, J. Field, D. Goyal, and M. Sagiv

Semantics for Abstract Interpretation-Based Static Analyzes of
      Temporal Properties 
  Damien Masse 

States vs. Traces in Model Checking by Abstract Interpretation 
  Roberto Giacobazzi and Francesco Ranzato

Speeding Up Dataflow Analysis Using Flow-Insensitive Pointer Analysis
  Stephen Adams, Thomas Ball, Manuvir Das, Sorin Lerner, Sriram K. Rajamani, 
  Mark Seigle, and Westley Weimer

Analysing Approximate Confinement under Uniform Attacks 
  Alessandra Di Pierro, Chris Hankin, and Herbert Wiklicky

Reuse of results in termination analysis of typed logic programs
  Maurice Bruynooghe, Michael Codish, Samir Genaim, and Wim Vanhoof

Backward Type Inference Generalises Type Checking 
  Lunjin Lu and Andy King

Security Typings by Abstract Interpretation 
  Mirko Zanotti

Possibly Not Closed Convex Polyhedra and the Parma Polyhedra Library
  R. Bagnara, E. Ricci, E. Zaffanella, and P. M. Hill 

Reliable Optimization for Imperative Languages: Proving Nullspace
     Properties of Compilers 
  Todd L. Veldhuizen and Andrew Lumsdaine

Representation Analysis for Coercion Placement 
  Karl-Filip Faxen

Ensuring Termination of Offline Partial Evaluation in Polynomial Time
      (A New Finiteness Analysis) 
  Chin Soon Lee 

Automated Verification of Concurrent Linked Lists with Counters
  Tuba Yavuz-Kahveci and Tevfik Bultan

An Efficient Inclusion-Based Points-To Analysis for Strictly-Typed Languages 
  John Whaley and Monica Lam

An Improved Constraint-Based System for the Verification of Security
  Ricardo Corin and Sandro Etalle 

Nonuniform Alias Analysis of Recursive Data Structures and Arrays
  Arnaud Venet


Organized by: 
Department of Computer Science, Technical University of Madrid

Program Chair:                         Conference Chair:
--------------                         -----------------
Manuel Hermenegildo                    German Puebla
Email: herme@fi.upm.es                 Email: puebla@fi.upm.es

Program Committee 
Manuel Hermenegildo         Technical University of Madrid, Spain
German Puebla               Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Radhia Cousot               Ecole Polytechnique, France
Saumya Debray               The University of Arizona, USA
Manuel Fahndrich            Microsoft Research, USA
Roberto Giacobazzi          Univerity of Verona, Italy
Chris Hankin		    Imperial College, UK
Giorgio Levi		    Univerity of Pisa, Italy
Kim Marriott                Monash University, Australia
Alan Mycroft                Cambridge University, United Kingdom
Ganesan Ramalingam	    IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
Martin Rinard               Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Shmuel Sagiv		    Tel-Aviv Univerisity, Israel
Reinhard Wilhelm            Universitat des Saarlandes, Germany



	    9th International Static Analysis Symposium SAS'02
		    17-20 September 2002, Madrid Spain
		      Technical University of Madrid