[Pl-seminar] Volunteers for NEPLS 8 (Spring 2003)

Shriram Krishnamurthi sk at cs.brown.edu
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 14:56:05 -0400

We don't yet have volunteers for NEPLS 8, which should happen in
Spring 2003 (late February seems to be the most popular time, but this
can change depending on an individual school's constraints).

I expect we will discuss the location of the next few events at the
Yale NEPLS meeting in August, so this message is an aperitif to whet
your hosting instincts.  It is somewhat important that the community
choose a venue for NEPLS 8 at the Yale meeting because, per tradition,
the person chairing NEPLS 8 will be on the speaker selection committee
for NEPLS 7 in October 2002.

In terms of costs, past hosts have tended to provide some mix of

- refreshments at breaks
- lunch
- parking

though, obviously, some schools may have more limited budgets.  The
participants number anywhere from 50 to 70.