[Pl-seminar] Call for submissions: sixth NEPLS meeting

Zhong Shao talks at nepls.org
Mon, 17 Jun 2002 09:39:02 -0400

The sixth New England Programming Languages Seminar meeting will take
place on
             Wednesday, August 7, 2002

at Yale University in New Haven, CT.  Please mark it in your calendars!

We welcome speaker suggestions for this event. You may volunteer
yourself, or suggest someone whom we will contact. Perhaps you've
recently heard an exciting talk by someone in this region?  If you
volunteer yourself, please include a title, list of authors, and an 
abstract (as opposed to an entire paper) of about 300 words.

Talks can vary in length. Speakers can choose slots of 30, 45 or 60
minutes; we'll even consider proposals for 15 minute blurbs. This
variety permits the presentation of smaller results, preliminary work,
progress reports on ongoing projects (such as language standards and
compiler toolkits), and updates to past presentations. Students who
aren't yet comfortable giving hour-long talks can use the smaller
slots to garner feedback.

All submissions should be sent the following address


by Wednesday, July 17, 2002. A final program will become available 
on July 24, 2002. The speaker selection committee consists of Michael 
Ernst (MIT), Paul Hudak (Yale), Zhong Shao (Yale), and Michael 
Gennert (WPI). More details about NEPLS are available on 
the NEPLS webpage:

[Group-replying to this message will work in most cases, but some
mailing lists thwart the simplicity of this plan by masquerading as
your correspondents -- please check before sending. ]

-Zhong Shao