[Pl-seminar] SoSyM - New Intl. Journal on Software & System Modeling

Bernhard Rumpe rumpe at in.tum.de
Sun, 12 May 2002 01:39:29 +0200

* New International Journal 
*     Software and System Modeling (SoSyM)

The new quarterly Springer journal titled
Software and System Modeling (SoSyM)
will be launched in Fall of 2002.

Information about the journal and a call for papers can be found
on the website: http://www.sosym.org

SoSyM is a quarterly international journal that focuses on theoretical
and practical issues pertaining to the development and
application of software and system modeling languages and techniques.
The aim of the journal is to publish high-quality works that further
understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of modeling languages and
techniques, present rigorous analyses of modeling experiences, and present
scalable modeling techniques and processes that facilitate high-quality
and economical development of software.

We invite authors to submit papers that discuss and analyze concerns
and experiences pertaining to software and system modeling languages,
techniques, tools, practices and other facets. The following are
some of the topic areas that are of interest:

 Methodological issues
 Development of modeling standards
 Formal syntax and semantics of modeling languages such as the UML
 Rigorous model-based analysis
 Model-based testing techniques
 Model composition and transformation
 Metamodeling techniques
 Measuring quality of models
 Generating test and code artifacts from models
 Case studies and experience reports with significant lessons learned
 Comparative analyses of modeling languages and techniques
 Scientific assessment of modeling practices

The submission process is continuously open. Details can be found at:

You may subscribe to our regular announcements (e.g. about new issues)
by sending an email to 


        Robert France 
        Colorado State University
        Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
        E-mail: france@cs.colostate.edu

        Bernhard Rumpe 
        Munich University of Technology
        Munich, Germany
        E-mail: rumpe@in.tum.de

Editorial Board:

        Scott W. Ambler (Canada)
        Egidio Astesiano (Italy)
        Jean Bézivin (France) 
        James M. Bieman (USA) 
        Grady Booch (USA)
        Lionel Briand (Canada) 
        Ed Brinksma (Netherlands) 
        Manfred Broy (Germany)
        Jean-Michel Bruel (France)
        Jaelson F.B. Castro (Brazil) 
        Betty H.C. Cheng (USA) 
        Tony Clark (UK)
        Steve Cook (UK) 
        Desmond D´Souza (USA) 
        Gregor Engels (Germany)
        Andy Evans (UK) 
        David Garlan (USA) 
        Martin Gogolla (Germany) 
        David Harel (Israel) 
        Constance L. Heitmeyer (USA) 
        Brian Henderson-Sellers (Australia)
        Heinrich Hussmann (Germany) 
        Michael Jackson (UK)
        Ivar Jacobson (USA) 
        Jean-Marc Jezequel (France)
        Stuart Kent (UK) 
        Cris Kobryn (USA) 
        Ingolf Krüger (USA) 
        Kevin Lano (UK)
        Gary T. Leavens (USA)
        Pierre-Alain Muller (France)
        A. Jefferson Offutt (USA)
        Wolfgang Reisig (Germany)
        August-Wilhelm Scheer (Germany)
        Bran V. Selic (Canada) 
        Perdita Stevens (UK)
        Jos Warmer (Netherlands)
        Roel W. Wieringa (Netherlands)
        Alan Cameron Wills (UK)
        Jim Woodcock (UK)

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