[PL-sem-jr] Monday meeting and voting on topics

Nathaniel Arfaa Yazdani yazdani.n at northeastern.edu
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Hi all,

I'm under the weather today, but I wanted to note my support (besides the poll) for category theory as a continuing topic :-)

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Hey all,

We'll meet on Monday, 9:30 AM, WVH 166 to continue reading the Incorrectness Logic paper starting from Section 3.1.

We voted on the topics last weekend but the poll is still open: jump in if you have not already!


So far, Agda is first and Category Theory is second. But I felt more passion towards categories among some participants. One possible move (which we can discuss, among the others, at the end of Monday meeting, I guess): is to take categories, no matter that it's second.

Think about it! And vote!

Kind regards,
Artem & Julia
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