[PL-sem-jr] Plan for this semester and next week

Ming-Ho Yee yee.mi at husky.neu.edu
Wed Jan 24 17:36:49 EST 2018

At today's planning meeting, we decided on two themes for PL Jr.

The first is "the history and philosophy of programming languages," which
is intentionally vague. Topics can be related to math (e.g. Gödel's
incompleteness theorems, Church, Turing, etc.) or engineering (e.g. Ada
Lovelace, Grace Hopper), or anything else that falls under history. *Please
brainstorm some topics so we can decide on a schedule next week.*

The second theme is an experiment: we'll watch conference talk videos, but
pause to discuss and ask questions whenever we don't understand something.

Next week, we'll start with William's POPL talk, Type-Preserving CPS
Translation of Σ and Π Types is Not Not Possible

*Also, think about what history topics or conference talks you'd like to
discuss.* Here are some recent papers/videos: POPL papers
<https://popl18.sigplan.org/track/POPL-2018-papers#event-overview> and talks
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTp2XBEhj5rBzc2IfysZwYA/featured>, OOPSLA
papers <https://2017.splashcon.org/track/splash-2017-OOPSLA#event-overview>
and talks <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgNOrQWOr3rKR9XPB1Km66Q/feed>,
ICFP papers
<https://icfp17.sigplan.org/track/icfp-2017-papers#event-overview> and talks
PLDI papers <https://pldi17.sigplan.org/track/pldi-2017-papers> and talks
ECOOP papers <https://2017.ecoop.org/track/ecoop-2017-papers> and talks

When: Wednesdays at 1:30pm
Where: WVF 116

-- Ming-Ho
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