[PL-sem-jr] 06/15/2017

Artem Pelenitsyn artem.pelenitsyn at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 14:34:25 EDT 2017

Hi, guys!

I have two options for the next week so far:

   - V. Vene categorical programming with inductive and coinductive types
   (first several chapters) // PhD thesis
   - C. Elliot Compiling to categories // ICFP'17

Would it be possible for you to vote for any?

Short summary:
1) (Vene) Categorical means to express common "(co)inductive" types (Lists,
Trees, Streams...) and algorithms on them (fold/unfold).
2) (Elliot) Categorical approach to program transformation in Haskell:
write simple functional program and turn it into 1) graph, 2) hardware
description, etc.

As for the second option (this is my favourite one as it is newer for me):
No deep understanding of Haskell is required, syntax would be described as
we go (we only need the notion and syntax for type classes really).

Best wishes,
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