[PL-sem-jr] Cardelli's Object Calculus and other ambassadors from the Island of Misfit Objects

Nicholas Alexander Marquez nam at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Oct 25 18:58:01 EDT 2012

This week I'll be giving a survey of Cardelli's Object Calculus, the related 
concepts around it, and other object occultisms and method marginalia.

In a high-level order, we'll cover:
* Different styles of object-system implementation along with how they influence 
the semantics (at a high level)
* Extensions to the styles we've discussed and their semantic and/or soundness 
problems along with some solutions
* The Object Calculus itself, re-envisioning prior discussion in terms of it, 
and then having a more nuanced discussion about the system

Come one, come all!


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