[PL-sem-jr] The PL Jr. Seminars tutorial series - Paul Stansifer: It's just semantics - Mon 10/4

Vincent St-Amour stamourv at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Sep 30 14:22:23 EDT 2010

The PL Jr. seminars' tutorial series continue next monday (10/4), with
a talk by Paul Stansifer:

Title:  It's just semantics.

Abstract:  In order to define a language, it's necessary to give it a
semantics.  Two different approaches to defining semantics may be provably
the same, but they provide radically different tools for proving properties
about programs, and they may even cause you to go back and design the
language differently.  We will look at the Cartesian product of two
different semantic approaches and four simple languages.

As usual, we will meet in WVH166 from 12:30 to 2:30.

For more information:

See you there!


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