[PL-sem-jr] The PL Jr. Seminars tutorial series

Vincent St-Amour stamourv at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Sep 16 15:40:30 EDT 2010

The PL Jr. seminars are weekly talks on various Programming
Language-related topics given by junior students, for junior

This semester, we will have a series of tutorial talks about various
elementary PL topics. These talks are aimed at people with programming
experience, but no programming languages background is necessary.

Here are the scheduled tutorials:

- A tour of mathematical logic  Aaron Turon      9/20
- Introduction to semantics     Paul Stansifer   10/4
- Type theory basics            Dan Brown        10/18
- Macros                        Stephen Chang    10/25

These talks will be held on mondays from 12:30 to 2:30 in room

Next week, Aaron Turon - A tour of mathematical logic

We often think of logic as the way we carry out mathematics, but logic
itself can be studied mathematically.  This means we can:

 - define truth
 - define proof
 - see how closely the two correspond

As we'll see, there are many kinds of truth of interest, and hence
many kinds of logic worth studying.

In this talk, I will cover the basic ingredients that make up "a
logic": model theory, proof theory, soundness, and (sometimes)
completeness.  I'll introduce this framework via the canonical example
of first-order logic, including Gödel's incompleteness theorems, but
we'll see at least one other, radically different logic as well.

I will stress connections with and applications to computer science

There are essentially no prerequisites for the talk: I'll assume only
a little set theory and some experience with induction.

For more information:

See you there!


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