[PL-sem-jr] Spring 09: planning meeting

Aaron Turon turon at ccs.neu.edu
Mon Jan 12 09:54:54 EST 2009

I'd like to propose this Thursday, 1/15 at 4pm, for holding our
semesterly planning meeting.

There were several interesting talks last semester that were
postponed; if one belongs to you, please consider giving it this
semester.  Otherwise, the usual suggestions apply: try to find
something *you'd* like to know more about, without too much regard for
the rest of the lab.  In all likelihood, others of us would like to
know more about the topic too.

It'd be great to have each of the "junior" students (<= 2nd year) give
a talk this semester on a topic new to them.  For "senior" students,
remember that PLJR offers a relatively unintimidating environment for
getting early feedback on research.

Please let me know if the time above doesn't work for you.


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