[PL-sem-jr] Talk Monday, 2/23: Dimitris on CFA2

Aaron Turon turon at ccs.neu.edu
Sun Feb 22 12:00:09 EST 2009

Tomorrow, Monday 2/23, Dimitris will give a talk about his recent work
with Olin on an analysis called CFA2.  As usual, the talk will be held
in WVH166 from 2:30-4:30.  Please join us!


kCFA approximates a program by a control-flow graph. Executions are
paths from the start to the end node of this graph, therefore they are
strings in a regular language. This is a rough approximation: in
programs with procedures we would like to express the invariant that
call states have corresponding return states. This call/return
matching requires executions to be strings in a context-free language.
 In this talk, I will show some examples of the limitations of kCFA.
Then I will present CFA2, a new control-flow analysis that is able to
match an unbounded number of calls and returns.

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3/23 Feng - pi calculus

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