[Larceny-users] Common Larceny and the CLR

William D Clinger will at ccs.neu.edu
Fri Oct 15 11:52:27 EDT 2010

David Rush wrote:
> So is Common Larceny code callable from within other CLR programs yet?
> I haven't really noticed much development in that area lately....

No.  Common Larceny didn't even support R6RS and ERR5RS modes
until v0.97 (and those modes still aren't very pleasant in
Common Larceny).  The R6RS/ERR5RS modes had been the focus
for development of Common Larceny.

At this time, I'm wondering how much more effort we should put
into Common Larceny.  Its performance has been disappointing,
and I don't think we can improve that without a major rewrite.
I'm not even sure how much a major rewrite would help.

Anyone who's using Common Larceny and wants to encourage us to
improve it should let me know what you need.  (We'd especially
like to hear from users who want to fund those improvements!)


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