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Viera Proulx vkp at ccs.neu.edu
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please, come to the invited talk today - see below.

Ivan Kalas has the distinction of having written 'the other Little Lisper book' - a book for middle school kids 'An encounter with the language LISP' back in 1990. He has been designing software for schools, their Super Logo is well known throughout Europe, curricula for schools, he is the head of the department that trains high school teachers of computer science.

I have known him for nearly 20 years and will be spending my sabbatical in the Fall at the Comenius University (in his department). Your comments on the work he does, how what we do can influence their work, suggestions for things to bring there, or learn from them during my sabbatical would be very welcome.

-- Viera


The College of Computer and Information Science presents: 

Invited lecture by: 

Ivan Kalas 

Department of Informatics Education 
Comenius University 
Bratislava, Slovakia 

When: May 24, 2011 (Tues.) 11AM - 12PM 
Where: WVH366 

Title: Building Modern Informatics as a Subject. And Culture 

In my presentation I will concentrate on two points: (a) in brief I will describe the recent situation concerning the Informatics education in Slovakia - and there really is a lot to say, and (b) within this picture I will elaborate on how our department takes its part in this process. Honestly, I can say - we are trying our best to build new Informatics not only as a proud and equal partner of other subjects, but probably as something new: new door opened to modern pedagogy, modern relations between all actors involved in the process (including parents), new culture in (slowly) transforming schools in the digital age. 

Ivan Kalas is an associate professor at Comenius University, Bratislava. He received his Ph.D. in the field of knowledge representation. His work focuses on making computer science an integral part of elementary and secondary education - through the design of software, curricula, textbooks, and through teacher education. He is the head of the Department of Informatics Education at Comenius University and together with Andrej Blaho and Peter Tomcsanyi is a co-author of SuperLogo for Windows. He is a member of the IFIP Working Group 3.5 on Elementary Education. 

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