[Larceny-users] assertion failure in stats_start_timer

Marco Maggi marco.maggi-ipsu at poste.it
Mon Jan 5 02:52:28 EST 2009

When running my test suite for POSIX
functions, I get an assertion failure
on "Sys/stats.c" line 283.  The test
just forks a new process and exits:

| (let ((pid (fork)))
|   (if (= 0 pid)
|       (exit)
|     #t)

it is the child who fails.  It is a
bohrbug, but happens only when I
call EXIT after FORK, if I call
"execv()", or the other functions
like it, no failure happens.  

i686-pc-linux-gnu, larceny-5886.

P.S. The other stuff seems to work
("errno" access and NULL arguments to
Marco Maggi

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